Why Coaching? Why Now?

From the best sports teams & successful people in businesses to high profile actors such as Denzil Washington, these individuals all have one thing in common… A COACH. 

On their journey to the top, these individuals realise that the skills coaches possess will help them to unleash their full potential and take their life, business, fitness, or career to the next level. But a coach is not only for those making lots of money, a coach is someone who is going to support, hold you accountable, guide you from where you are to where you desire to be and help you to overcome possibility blindness regardless of where you are on your journey. 

I have a few questions for you…

Are you tired of your full time job and are more than ready to leave to pursue your passion full time, yet unsure how to make this happen?

Are you waiting until you feel ‘Ready’, before you take the next logical step towards your goals?

Do you feel stuck, lost, or unfulfilled?

Or maybe you know exactly what you want but struggle to take consistent action to get where you desire to be?

These are some of the reasons why NOW is the right time for you to invest in a coach and finally begin to move forward in the right direction.

"Your desires will never leave, because you and I both know you were not meant to keep playing at average"

Through coaching and my own personal experiences, I have learnt that many women want to know two things…

"Why they are stuck and how to get unstuck".

I have been in your shoes and investing in a coach was the best decision I could have made to get me from where I was to where I am now. I knew that I was supposed to be doing big things, but I struggled trying to ‘figure it all out’ on my own. I had no strategy to make what I wanted a reality, so I stayed in my comfort zone for far too long.

If you know that where you currently are in life is not where you desire to be in 2017 and beyond, it is time to take action and invest in your success. Book a FREE ‘Achieve My Goals Now’ Consultation with me today and see whether I am the coach to help you accelerate your success and allow the world to see more of your awesomeness.

“I didn’t feel ready to invest in a coach but I was done feeling stuck, unfulfilled, & broke, something had to change and FAST"

Hear what other women have to say about working with Nofisa…

I saw Nofisa speaking at an event and wanted to work with her based on the passion and positive outlook she displayed. Nofisa helped me to identify the limiting beliefs I had that stopped me from moving forward in my new business. The best parts of our sessions was the way Nofisa was able to motivate and empower me to take action and I left the calls uplifted and ready to move forward in my life regardless if things were perfect or not. – Nicole, London

“Nofisa is excellent at getting to the root of what’s holding you back through her coaching skills and mind-set work. And best yet, she makes the process enjoyable!”

Megan La Russa, USA. Style Coach

“After coaching with Nofisa, I noticed that I actually became more productive and energetic. I stopped complaining and started doing. I also like that she says positive things like “you got this.” Sometimes, overwhelmed or stressed people just need someone to listen and remind them of the reality that anything is possible if you set your mind to it and do something about it. Coaching with Nofisa was worth it and something that I needed.”

Jacq P, Australia, Blogger

“Nofisa’s coaching was fabulous. she went out of her way to ensure my needs and expectations for the coaching session were met. We talked for almost 90 minutes! Such a long time with clarity, focus, attention and deliverables I was able to act on. Nofisa has a warm and genuine approach that came through loud and clear. She is genuinely interested in the people she is coaching and helping and provides thoughtful, insightful information that is helpful and direct. She took time to fully understand my root cause vs symptoms of my problem and helped me to clarify in several ways what options I have to, move forward in pursuing my business and finding my target client. I would recommend Nofisa without hesitation.”

Susan M. Business Sales & Success Consultant

“Through my conversation with Nofisa, I was able to make the decision I knew I wanted. I was able to feel confident in my choice. And I had a game plan for how to move forward. I finally had a solution to an issue I’d been dealing with for a couple of weeks. I feel great about the coaching I received from Nofisa and she dug deep to get to the root of my struggle. I would absolutely recommend Nofisa as a Coach. The mark of great coach/entrepreneur/business is being able to over deliver. I feel like Nofisa did that for me. I appreciate how present and how willing to help Nofisa was.”  

Shannon, USA. Beach Body Consultant

“Nobody Great Got To Where They Are Alone”